Happy Anniversary Trillwave

There’s a very special night in Dallas, TX that happens to be on a Wednesday. A weekly music night that filled me with excitement since the very first time I heard someone mention it to me. TRILLWAVE…

Fresh Sounds, funky names, loads of dancing, and just plain good vibes.

Adrian Gaytan and Ty Anderson have come a long way with this night and over this year have brought many exciting guests. I’ve also seen some of my favorite local DJ’s throw down tunes that I never thought they would play out. Trillwave brings out the best in artists and music lovers in general. No pressure and just good times. It’s by far my favorite night out in Dallas and I hope after this year’s milestone, will continue to exceed my wildest expectations.

I’d like to give a 52Hz shout out to some of the talent that played their asses off this year:

J-who, Phooka, Killtron, Mike G, SoulJah, Hunter Vaughan, Redsean, System, Lifecoach, Soy Capaz, Dubble A, Left/Right, Trespass, DJ Titan, Kyle Nuss, Johnny Cache, Yeahdef, Spud Crowley, M3SA, DJ A1, Redeye, Genova, Alyx Caceres, Spin Kidd, Mikey Rodge, Gangsigns, Skrause/LFTF, Lil Texas, Lefty & Nikes, Black Market Pharmacy, Shuttle, and TONIGHT…!

Sweater Beats:

GEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! (that’s me losing my mind with excitement)

Below are some links to some of the artists that played this year. So check em out, and if you find yourself in Dallas on a Wednesday night you know where to go… B)

Also-Sorry if we forgot anyone but I have to say every night at Trillwave has been Trill as HAIL!! Thank you!

Trillwave is located at The Boiler Room Dallas 2723 Elm St. Dallas, TX
If you’d rather tune in from home LIVE or catch old episodes and Trollwave, you can tune in live via UStream Wednesdays @



Kruxx June Mix /Summa Timez Jamz

Hello people of planet earth…It’s been a minute. A minute most definitely waiting for. 52hz asked Alex “Kruxx” Varnell from Houston to put together a slowed and throwed mix and he really delivered the goods. I’ve listened to this mix already countless times and can’t get enough. It’s perfect for summertime and that extra kick poolside. Take that Texas heat down a few notches with this chill blend of sounds…

He was also kind enough to answer some questions we had for him with some interesting answers. Thank you Kruxx! 52Hz thinks your amazing and keep doing what you do!

How old were you when you first started making music and what influenced you to start?

Well I started djing when I was about 11 or 12, didn’t start playing out until I was 16. I was 17 when I first started messing around with producing, but didn’t start taking it serious until about a year and a half ago. What influenced me was pretty much artists I’ve always really enjoyed listening to, such as DJ Shadow, D-Styles, UGK, DJ Screw, KRS-One, Street Military, Wu-Tang Clan, Jimi Hendrix, Steel Pulse, Funkadelic… the list goes on and on. I’ve always had a strong passion for music ever since I was a kid so I just knew writing music was meant for me.

Have you been a part of any other musical projects? Are you currently working with any other artists/crews here in Texas?

Kruxx has been the only project thus far. I’ve got a few collabs with Sines and Chango going right now, but I have plans to work with many other artists inside and outside of Texas. Also I co-host a weekly radio show on Sub.FM (Side Hustle Radio) every Sunday with my main homie Chason.

What is your opinion of the current electronic music scene in Texas and where would you like to see it go?

I think there is a lot of good music being made based out of Texas right now. We have some unique producers here, such as Rabit, Mike G, Chango, Sines, Soccer Mom, Intager, Wheez-ie, MoonDoctor and countless others. As far as the future, I’d just like to see a lot of these guys get the recognition they deserve. A lot of peeps sleep on the Lone Star State.

Who is your current favorite artist of the moment and why?

That’s a tough one. I honestly don’t think I can say I have a favorite artist but my favorite album of all time is Mobb Deep’s “The Infamous.”

What in trend in electronic music is making you “cringe” right now?

Haha, well I try and stray away from negativity and just ignore what I don’t like, but this whole “Future Screw” shit grinds my gears a little bit. Reason 1: There is nothing original or “future” about it whatsoever, it’s been done for over 20 years now. Reason 2: If it wasn’t done by DJ Screw himself, then it isn’t Screw. Just call it “Slowed.”

What software/ equipment are you currently using for production?

Reason is the software I use. I run off of a Macbook Pro and an Akai MPK49 Keyboard, as well as 2 Yamaha HS80M monitors running through a PreSonus Sound card.

What was the inspiration for the track LADDERS?

It came from lack of inspiration really. I was dealing with creativity block for a few weeks up until I wrote that tune. I wanted to aim towards something different. Typically I write music from a dark place so that just so happened to describe how I felt at the time.

How did the name Kruxx come about and what does it mean to you?

Haha, well I picked up the nickname “Crooks” from a group of friends a while back so I just took that and flipped it into something more original. The name doesn’t really have much meaning to me, I think it’s more about establishing a meaning for the name.

As an artist what factors do you feel would cause you to fail?

Stubbornness and a closed mind are the first 2 things that will cause any artist to fail. Always keep an open mind to new ideas and sounds and approach them in the matter you feel comfortable with.

As an artist what do feel is important to keep succeeding?

I find that being genuine within your music is the key to success. Find a way to stand out. Don’t focus so much on what everyone else is doing. Just do what feels right.

Finally, what is your favorite part about creating music?

It’s good therapy really, I use it as an outlet for expression. Also the fact that I get to share it with others who enjoy it, seeing people vibe off to your music is what makes it all worth it.

Part 1:
1. Above The Law – 100 Spokes (Fresh on the D’s Remix)
2. Al-D – Lost in tha Hood
3. E.S.G. – G-Ride
4. Spice 1 – Face of a Desperate Man
5. Eazy E – Real Muthaphuckin G’s
6. Above the Law – Black Superman (Instrumental)
7. Too $hort – Just Another Day

Part 2:
1. Botany Boys – Cloverland
2. Westside Connection – Hoo Bangin (Instrumental)
3. Kausion – Bounce, Rock, Skate
4. 8Ball & MJG – For Real
5. Lil Keke – It’s Going Down
6. Street Military – Tears Came from Making this Dream

Kruxx soundcloud:

Happy Cinco de Mayo

This a special little treat we had stashed away just for Cinco de Mayo. A nice mix given to us by Thark to keep the celebration going deep into the late hours of your evening.

Thark Welk is the creator of the “Dubstep Massive” concept with technical support and production of Vito Artcore and is now a project of DUBSTEP MX, which focuses to support musicians committed to this genre in Mexico.

He has been a huge influence in his country and has helped to create a sense of community there for the support of this genre. That is something 52Hz wholeheartedly believes in.

So turn up the BASS and enjoy the mix!!!!!!

Thark’s soundcloud link:


–52Hz Whale

Something For Everyone

Saturday is the day when we get to free ourselves a little from the hum-drums of our responsibilities and kick back. Maybe even gear up for some late night festivities. Whether we are catching up on housework (boo to that noise), running errands or just catching up on some much-needed rest we can all use a musical pick me up. Well, at least I know I do. So drop what you’re doing at the moment and check out some fresh tracks and get that Saturday pumped to that next level! NEXT LEVEL. TOO FUTURE.

Embrace the Weekend–

We Recommend:

Artist Spotlight for March: RECOVERY

Recovery is a LA based music producer who has been ever so gracious to contribute a lovely mix for our humble little site.
The purpose of these monthly mixes is to place a spotlight on an artist that we feel is making waves in the electronic music community.

Anda, aka RECOVERY, started out like myself as a child of MTV. His love affair with music began with recording videos from his favorite acts at that time such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Alice and Chains. This led him to seek out guitar lessons where shortly after getting the basics down, he progressed to playing by ear. He was then a part of numerous bands that were mostly punk and metal based. After a while he acquired a four track cassette recorder and a microphone. This began his journey into the world of music production. He has since upgraded to using a laptop and programs such as Pro Tools/ Reason and now mostly Ableton. He is also part of a few other projects such as Strange Fruit, a collaboration between himself and a Chicago based friend Polbeeta, and is also producing deep house tracks under his name Anda.

Recovery is a project he has created for himself. A project that requires no deadlines or group involvement and revolves around the pure enjoyment of simply making music. In return he gains a feeling a sense of accomplishment that exceeds anything of a group setting. Making decisions as they come at his own pace makes the production more efficient and takes away the “work” feel of it. Making music like this in his downtime is what he loves best and we are immensely proud to host this truly heartfelt mix and hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Happy listening.

Track-listing below:
Kelpe – “Answered (Microburst Remix)”
Orlogin – “Dead Sea”
Andrew Bayer – “It’s Going To Be Fine”
Chloe Martini – “Shouldn’t Care”
Television Sky – “Halfmoon”
Mt. Wolf – “Hypolight (Pále Remix)”
Shlohmo – “Couch (Soosh Remix)”
Sieren – “Blue Memories”
Flume – “Sleepless feat. Jezzabell Doran”
Chloe Martini – “Indonesian Sencha”
FREnchfire – “I Scream Baby I Love You With Too Much Reverb”
Mr. Whipple – “Moonlight Melodies”
Little Dragon – “Ritual Union (Recovery Remix)”
Maths Time Joy – “Always”

Recovery’s Soundcloud: